Our Courses

Warrior Equine provides equine assisted learning courses (also known as equine therapy) for military veterans and Armed Forces personnel

Our courses are all groundwork based, there is no riding and no previous experience of horses is needed whatsoever.

Courses are for 3 days, and attendees will learn new skills to help them take back control of their emotions, mental resilience techniques,  the effects of body language and how to use that knowledge to positive effect on those around them,  inspiring self- confidence and positive mental mindset

These 3-day courses have proven highly successful in helping those suffering from PTSD and other related psychological issues such as anger management issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal.

Warrior Equine courses can help with PTSD and related mental health issues such as anger management, social withdrawal, anxiety, lack of trust and low self-esteem.

Using horses, we help teach students techniques to regain control of their emotional responses, acting as a powerful step in the recovery journey.   It can be a turning point for the participant’s own trust issues and self-confidence. Attendees are empowered to cope with triggers in every day situations and manage painful memories; enabling them to take back control, enhancing their relationships with family and the civilian world and reigniting their zest for life.   

These courses have proven to be extremely effective, with both short and long term positive benefits, enabling people to find their way back to happy, fulfilling lives.  They have been described by attendees as not only life changing, but life-saving.

The horses do not need to be specially trained, as they are simply using their own innate body language to mirror the actions of the students.  This enables us to be flexible and hold courses wherever there are suitable facilities, throughout the country.

We have been delivering courses since 2014, developing a strong reputation with those we have worked alongside within the military, military charities and veterans network for effective excellence, integrity and leading professional expertise.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find myself again.  I was in a dark place most of the time and had all but given up on myself and life.  I have major trust issues and struggle to get out of my head and feel normal/accepted/comfortable around people.   I am so grateful of everything the team and horses have taught me about myself, my emotions and behaviour and how I can change/read a situation differently.”

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