How We Operate

Making Every Pound Work Harder

Our Instructing Staff are paid for the 3 days duration for the professional delivery of each course. However, all the running of the organisation, governance and administration is carried out pro bono in our own free time, resulting in minimal overhead costs, with no dedicated premises, paid staff or offices to maintain. By travelling to various geographical areas (maximising accessibility) and using local equestrian facilities, we avoid the significant expense of having our own horses and stabling to care for 365 days a year. In this way, keeping lean and efficient, we can maximise on results and impact, with every pound received being directly invested into running courses and supporting those in need.

We operate in two distinct formats:

1. Partnerships

Forming partnerships with other organisations, delivering courses for them at cost.  This enables us to facilitate a course hand-in-hand with the organisation, using their own existing infrastructure and expertise to identify and nominate attendees that are most in need of support.  This works particularly well, as those in need are often the ones least likely to ask for help.  The relationship between the partner and the attendees can be key for recruiting those who will benefit the most, maximising the success of the project.   This has been a highly effective approach, and we have enjoyed excellent partnerships with organisations such as Help for Heroes and Plymouth Veterans Hub.

2. Grants & Sponsorships

We also seek out funding from relevant grants and trusts, allowing us to facilitate courses independently, working with groups who may not have funding available.  For example, generous funding from organisations such as The Wates Foundation and the Peter O’Sullevan Trust has allowed us to offer courses for Armed Forces serving personnel, with attendees nominated by network of Personnel Recovery Units across the UK.

To us, sharing expertise and resources between like-minded organisations makes sense. To enhance the potential to reach the maximum number of beneficiaries in need of support. Encouraging agencies and organisations, large and small, to come together and collaborate.

Together we are stronger.

If you would like to explore the idea of Warrior Equine facilitating a course for your organisation, or to discuss a potential sponsorship, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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